LIMS Without Limits

Our value proposition is simple:
All the functionality of a commercial LIMS with an Unlimited User Licence and no additional software!
Quite simply we developed our LIMS from scratch for a Commercial Laboratory here in New Zealand using WEB technologies and Open Source platforms.

Fully Featured

TrueLIMS is fully featured with existing functionality for all the standard departments and most machine interfaces.


Since we have developed TrueLIMS in-house, we have all the skills to make extensive modifications to not only support your unique business processes, but also to provide you with a competitive advantage.


Feel free to access your system from anywhere in the world - including the beach - or offer your staff work-from-home alternatives.


Not only will you love using TrueLIMS, but more importantly so will your customers (yes - that means 'Customer Self-Service' is also included).


Our team is able to implement any and all ideas you may have (from software to IoT, automation and beyond). No job is too unrealistic.


TrueLIMS will feel like magic with the possibilities of automisation.

We don't just have a system, we have a solution.
Reach maximum performance on projects with our custom software development.
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