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ERP Warehousing and Distribution Software Solution

Our warehousing and distribution software solution was created from the ground up with the input of many people within the warehousing industry. We heard their frustrations and annoyances and created a solution that is state of the art, developed in web technologies and utilizes low-cost tablet devices in the warehousing environment to allow point of entry processing (including speech) for real time statistics and inventory updates.

As always, our software features:

Open Source Code

Open Source Code

No user licensing fees.

No User Licensing Fees

Fully customisable software.

Full Customisation

Truegrown high level support

High Level Support

Continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement

Third party integration.

Third Party Integration

Accurate, Tablet Driven, Clean Dashboards

Product Benefits

Handheld Tablets are effective for fast and accurate picking and shelving in a warehouse situation or for other forms of productivity, either on-site or on the road.

Our document scanning dashboard allows users to scan documents straight into the system with most multi-function printer/scanners.

Multiple simple, clean and easy to use dashboards ranging from financial, warehousing and documentation.

Simple and clean dashboards for financial, warehousing and documentation needs.

Some of Truegrown’s benefits include accurate stock take results, order statistics, freight costs, employee performance and real-time inventory control.

Your head office will have the ability to monitor multiple branches on one screen, a comforting tool for day-to-day operations.

We don't just have a system, we have a solution.
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